THAT Family

So we were THAT family last weekend. And not the, “Wow, you are all so well mannered and neat and clean and nice you all are…” No. We were the other ones. Child #2 wanted a monkey puppet at a local school fair. The $10 purchase of said monkey was deemed inappropriate as with 5 …

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Verb – “a doing word”

So, I may have invented a new verb. It came about after one of those conversations you have with your partner. One in which there is heavy negotiation. Of drop off, pick ups and mealtimes with smalls. One in which you finish said conversation with, “which part of your children’s lives would you actually like …

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Level 2

So, every time I leave the trauma ward where I work, I walk down the stairs past level 2. I could bypass this floor, take the lift straight down and out into the sunlight. But I don’t. I walk the stairs. One by one.

My Third Draw

So, my third drawer in my kitchen is full of useless random “I might need some day” items. We’re talking old take away menus, odd salad servers, rusted cheese knives, a ‘best and less’ catalogue with a potential future haircut…. You get the drift. My third drawer in my kitchen is where I put all …

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surrender into yourself

  So, I’m sick. My skin is hot and my bones are cold. I have a brick on my chest which serves as a block on my mind. I’m a bit like my dad – I don’t do sick very well. I may be dying….

The rip of the mind

So, around these parts the last few weeks of January involves a child swapping frenzy. Trading that rivals that of AFL trade week. You gain a kid or 2. You lose a kid or 2. But eventually you all end up at the same place. For us it’s the beach. On the sand, the number …

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The tapestry of silence

  So, a new addition to our clan. Nephew #4 for me. And while my sister was hoping for a natural birth, this late little star gazer wouldn’t engage.She called me on Wednesday. “I’m in scrubs.” Meaning – I’m having a cesar and I’m kinda scared. Awesome. How do you look?” Meaning – I’m kinda …

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New Shoes

  So, my mum gave me a pair of shoes for christmas. A pair of Birkenstocks. A size too big.It happened last year. I had asked for a pair of Birkies. White. Toe wrap. Size 8. I received a pair of birkies. White. Thong. Size 9. “It’s OK.” But every time I wore them for …

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House Sport Bhakti

So, in the process of winding down the year, our local primary school fills the final weeks of the term with a wide variety of activities to get small folk ( who let’s admit, are well and truly over the 11 week term), off their buts and outside. One such day for our school is …

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Last thursday

So, sometimes our days will infold seamlessly. With each minute falling into the next effortlessly, fluidly. With the purpose and gentle grace of the incoming and the outgoing tide. And then there’s last Thursday. Between 3:00 and 6:00 pm. It was an day when my mechanic who I absolutely love and adore sat me down …

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