Last thursday

So, sometimes our days will infold seamlessly. With each minute falling into the next effortlessly, fluidly. With the purpose and gentle grace of the incoming and the outgoing tide.

And then there’s last Thursday.

Between 3:00 and 6:00 pm.

It was an day when my mechanic who I absolutely love and adore sat me down straight. With the statement;
“We need to talk about the radiator.”

“Is the radiator important?”

A valid question me thinks. But when backed up by a silence. So full. So still. A silence that only a man with a beard of Dutchie’s stature (and in fact a man who has this said name) could ever hold more potently.

“Yes it is Rachael.” Indeed it is.

So I left my trusty subaru with it’s useless excuse for an engine cooling device, and carried onto the local smalls hip-hop class. To be met with the very public meltdown of our little preppy. Who snot, sobs and all, needed to be carried out in the first 10 minutes. Before a single pop or lock could be made.

Consoled by the last of my husband’s lemon, lime and bitters frosty fruits – which is the closest thing to a fruit product my husband chooses to ever eat – we collected our suby via a maxed out credit card, and off I go to teach.

We had a few more than usual in our little room looking over the sea. Leaving me front and centre shared spacing with a dear friend’s husband. And every time I raised my arms ( this happens a lot in a yoga class ), I had to secretly apologise to him for not only my lack of deodorising product. But also of the unruly state of my underarm hair.

And it was hot.

Even though I may have scarred my dear friend’s husband for many moons. And also ceremoniously dumped 3 kinda feral smalls at her doorstep. She asked me to pull a card from her Tikashi deck.

“I haven’t got time.”

“Keep it.”

The card reads – Patience.

Are you freakin’ kidding me? Why can’t I have dance freely? Roar loudly? Run wildly? Beat your chest with your fists until your blood too is free, loud and wild?

It’s not until I’m home at 10:25pm that I make the time to read this card.

“Be patient: All things move as the timing requires. Quiet your mind, take time to be with yourself with no expectations or push. Do not be anxious for results but enjoy the gentle journey.”

Think balance. Twist it. Invert it. And balance some more. And nadi shodhana.

We teach our lessons. Drawn outwardly to what we need inwardly. Wheather it’s the way we try to mould our smalls, morph into our jobs, influence our community, engage with our world; it can all be done through an expression of self. This week, I was reminded of mine.

Try to make some space for patience in your heart this full moon week. Kindness starts with yourself. If you could share the patience and kindness you shower on others with yourself, the grace of your unfolding will be always be light.

Thanks Dutchie and Tara.


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