Rache Hely

Hi, I’m Rache.

I’m a passionate yogi living in the beautiful coastal town of Barwon Heads. An avid collector of ideas and a deep belief in an even playing field, I’m a mother, a surfer and a dreamer with a deep interest in the human spirit.

In my classes, I share my stories about my small place in the world in order to share insights about our lives off the mat. I found stories easy to share with people laying supported on the ground, their eyes closed. From here came the inspiration for Barwon Heads Yoga.

As I shared my stories, I shared my life and my home. With this came a freshness in our connection as teacher and student. I found as people listened, they relaxed. As people laughed, they lightened – and in doing so, started to let them self truly feel. Making them more willing to come with me as we explore their deepest strengths and openness. To come with me as we faced their hidden desires and fears. And while so many people step to the mat for the body, we all step away from the mat feeling more connected. Feeling more aligned. Feeling more intimate.

Feeling more our Selves.

This space is the ultimate even playing field.

This is the space of Self.

This is why the mat calls me again and again.

Rache x

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