For better and for worse

  So, for better or for worse means a little give and a little take. I fell for my lover about quarter of a century ago. We were wide eyed teenagers as hungry for adventure as we were for each other. We travelled the world for a decade before we stood underneath our vows. For …

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Dreams to be a star

So, all I wanted to do was blame Jack Black. He came into our home alongside for the first time in over 10 years, a television. Moving images are different these days and there are so many channels now. ABC owns no less than 4 of them. And as we are probably the only home …

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quote make peace

Living and dying

So, it seemed an inconvenient time for something to die. My Saturday morning was supposed to be filled with life. Free to the expansiveness of availability and time. A slow walk along the river, cooked breakfast with my smalls and a spreadsheet newspaper to be consumed with home-brewed chai. My Saturday morning had been hard …

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new kitten

a new kitten

So, if you’re up for adopting a kitten – it comes with a bit of a process. Step one involves trying to persuade your 11 year old eldest wise one that maybe she doesn’t really want a kitten. Because at the end of the day, she was born into a dog family – that being, …

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yoga pose

Block bad – harness good

So, a door closed on me a little while ago. Some might say that rather than a door closing, that I was “let go”. Or I suppose you could use the word “made redundant”. Harsher still, I was fired. The door was shut over a five minute telephone call. One pot-holed with awkward silences because …

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embrace bodies


So, a boy called Warren Turner was the fastest runner at our primary school. I remember him as his christian name and his surname. He wore his thin, sandy hair with a bowl-cut fringe. His nose was sharp and his ears were big but my God he could run. And due to his incredible feats …

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Pieces of the puzzle

o, my wingman started a jigsaw puzzle on Friday. It was a present. One he received following a significant birthday this week. The recent turning of the clock ticking over the emergence of his new age. When you turn seven, doors to growing up seem to continually open. He can now legally shot-gun for the …

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