Tuesday April 14 - Friday 26th June 2020

7-8am: hatha
9:15-10:15 am: vinyasa

9:15-10:30am: clinical mat pilates (with a twist)

7 – 8am: vinyasa
5 – 5:45pm kids yoga

7-8:15pm: yin

7 – 8am: physioyoga
9:15-10:15am: vinyasa

Online offerings are FREE and streamed through facebook live. However if you are in a position to pay, you can book in online or contact me directly. It is entirely up to you come for free; or donate casually, one class each week (10 week pass) or our indulgent weekly pass (unlimited yoga):

suggested prices:

casual class pass – $12

10 class pass – $110 (10 per class for 11 weeks)

indulgent love: unlimited online yoga – $275 ($25 per week)

Please log onto to book your online class.

If data isn’t your thing and you need a hand, shoot me a message via e:mail / or call (0430 515 424) so we can create a space for you on the mat.
If social media isn’t your thing, you can access classes through Zoom. Let me know which class you’re up for and I’ll organise for us to “meet” in the zoomer virtual sphere. These classes are also offered FREE, unless you are in the position to pay.

And if you’re wondering what all these classes mean…..
hatha flow:  – gentle flowing style incorporating breath awareness into mindful movement, creating a soft and centred space to practice.
Great for beginners and busy bodies.

yin: – longer, slower holds, based on teachings from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Postures are held for 3-5 minutes to move into deeper spaces for meditation.
Great for beginners and runners.

clinical mat pilates: based on the Australian Association of Physiotherapy and Pilates (APPI), deeper core and stabilisation sequencing to challenge the body / mind in a safe and steady way.
Great for beginners, post-natal and golfers.

vinyasa flow: Stronger flowing sequences weaving a more challenging asana practice into a steady space of being.
Great for intermediate to advanced and busy heads.

physioyoga: Incorporating evidence based practice into mindful movement. Blending methods focusing on neural plasticity, deeper body-brain awareness and core strength.
Great for blokes and those who aren’t into Oms.

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