Wednesday’s Child.

So, I was a little sad on Wednesday.

You know those days when you have to look really hard for the brightness. And it’s just more comfortable to dwell in the veil of gloom.

I’d wrapped myself deep within the veil when I realised, I’d lost my leg warmers.

And felt myself slink into the dark.

Yep – leg warmers. Angora wool. Stripped in neutral earth tones. They made my shins sing and heart warm. I dropped $2, and bought 2 pairs. 

But not to be greedy, handed the second pair to a buddy -who will soon be living in a bus.

And I thought her shins might get cold.

What does the average punter need with 2 pairs of leg warmers anyway?

But then I lost my pair. I only had them for a week. My treasure ( and now regretfully my passed on second treasure) – gone.

Into the abyss of the chaos of life.

I cleaned my house from top to bottom.

Found a litre of duty free gin.

It helped a little. But I was still feeling a little blue.

And safe within my gloomy veil.

Then I got some news.
Some sad news.

About a local lass. A local mum. A local yogi. Who had let go of her breath. Who had lost her fight.

And never woke from her last dream.

In which I’m sure she was dancing.

Probably wearing leg warmers.
Possibly mine.

And I suddenly didn’t need for my lost leg warmers anymore. And my veil of gloom started to loosen it’s hold around my sorrow.

Think forward bends, inversion and restorative.

I can get caught up in my needs and my wants.

We all can.

For pretty things. For colourful things. For warm things.

Like angora leg warmers. 

Until the wand of perception graces the veil. Forcing us to recognise stray-ward energies that have lost their thread. To rein in the unraveling of ourselves within the veils of blue.

A true moment of participation in life is a moment if grace. The crisp cold morning air on your face. The scent of the evening wood fires. The mittened touch of your child.

The human condition seems to be to play on the see-saw of happiness and sorrow. But if we make the space, if we take some time – balanced in the middle – a quieter Truth will emerge.

That a pair of leg warmers aren’t so special.

But dancing and dreaming towards our own Truth is.

Very, very special.

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