The 8 limbs – of sensuality

Tantra - 8 limbed style
Madagascan Darwin Bark Spiders – teaching us a few things about intimacy.

So, recent evidence suggests that the male Madagascan Darwin bark spider can perform oral sex for up to 2 hours prior to laying with their lady lover.

After this awkward 16 legged session of intimacy, the female madagascan will usually eat the said mal. The same one who has just gone down on her for the better part of the early evening. That very lad who has most probably just impregnated her. Unless that said male has had the insight to use bondage-esque style tactics to tie up the 8 legs of his lady-love in his web prior to going down on her. If he has used his strong silk threads to his advantage, he can offload his masculinity and make a quick get away. He scuttles himself off quickly after the deed. And in quite odd post-coital behaviour, he will then cut his manhood off- with his own teeth. Maybe as a sacred sacrifice to Her whom he is obviously completed devoted to (we’re talking 2 hours people). Or maybe self-circumcision so as not to sire any more small ones.

Or maybe just because he’s a bit gross.

Nature – the playground of the outer world.
And the canvas to experience our inner one.

Think standing strength backbends and hip openers.

I love looking out into our natural world to watch the play of that which happens unseen around us. Not only to feel clearly the colours of the season. Or to see openly the shades of the moon. But sometimes – as in this case – to stand in awe at how the sensuality of a species can manifest. With their awkward long limbed cuddles. With their marathon love-making sessions. With their simple drive to survive and surprise.

While making our highly evolved homosapien brains simply stare in awe.

Under this weekend’s bold new supermoon, looming dark and close in the deep night sky, we see an energy asking us to consider how we can experience the fullness of our physicality while honouring a wholeness within intimate selves. We are asked to acknowledge and indulge all of sensualities. To play in the embodiment of our shades and our shadows. To accept all of our layers as nothing more than the colours and landscapes that facilitate this journey. This while our moon asks us to check in on that little voice that can sometimes mock our choices. The one that might question our direction.

Especially when you’re choosing to be the You that you are ready to be.
While letting go of the you that you have the power to be not.

Take some time over this weekend to rejoice in your body. To celebrate the greatest gift bestowed upon you from the eternal Mother. To share with gratitude your deepest nature and your truest spirit. Whether you are the mother of small ones, big ones, furry ones or lost ones – remember we can experience real love by how much we let ourselves be loved.

And if some dude spends 2 hours preparing to intimately love you.
Never eat him.


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