So, I’m just back from Melbourne.

It’s a place I still go to for work.
It’s a place I still go to for parties.

But this week, it was a place I went to to go home.
Because my middle sister is in town.

We are 3 sisters which have spread ourselves kinda far from the folds of home.

We’re similar in many ways. We share the same footy team. We believe anchorman and the sequel anchorman 2 as cinematic genius. We all have an obsession with Camper shoes. 

We’re polar opposites in other ways. One loves the heat of the north, one loves the smell of the bush, I love the sound of the sea. We were born with the same surname into different families. There are things we talk freely about. And topics we must avoid. We love to see each other when we can. But if we lived together, we’d eat each other.

As we grew up, there seemed to be an organic cycle of who could take charge and who could be led. And we waxed and waned between the edges like the roll of the moon.

I have learnt a great deal from both.

Our smalls have some kind of crazy connection. They seem to know each other inside out even though they only see each other a few times a year. They look like a morphed version of all of us. They all have different football teams. They share a keen interest in shoes. They sometimes cry when they leave each other.

Families can be an intricate web. A soft place to rest a while. An easy place to get stuck. I can find it completely grounding and yet unsettling at the same time. A place where my veils are completely transparent. Where my perception of what was, oddly differs from actually is. I remember different aspects of what we shared. I forgot different aspect of what we lost.

Families are a place to remember the person you were and to remind you of the person you are.

Think standing poses, bound twists and mantra.

Through our yoga practice, we aim to align complimentary opposites into Oneness. Our light and our dark. Our extrovert and our introvert. Our heart and our mind.

My sisters and I have different practices. As we morph from daughters to mothers, we are aligning the aspects that have emerged from our intricate familial web. The teacher, the hippy and the healer come together and weave our webs around each other. Not too tight so as to eat each other – but enough to allow for the unfolding of the truest form of ourselves.

We are crafted and shaped by those closest to us. I’ve had my sparkles polished and my sharpness buffed.

When I leave my sisters, I’m kinda dizzy. I’m a little smarter. And a little dirtier.

But somehow a whole lot more centred as I drive back to the sea.


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