RACV Check

So, I bought a new car yesterday.

When I say new, I mean I’m the 3rd person to own it. But when your current wheels pre-date a Richmond premiership, a 10 year old car is a new car.

Now I don’t know my fan belt from my seatbelt, so I’ve always had a strong bloke by my side when purchasing wheels. Usually my dad.

But there’s a time when a 41 year old girl has to grow up.

There was great debate at Casa Army road.

“You must read the service history.”
“Make sure you check under the bonnet.”
“How can you buy a car without a RACV check?”

Indeed – how can we be sure of everything?

The sanskrit word for faith is Shradda. It is an inner knowing that comes through active practice and reflection. Far from a blind belief that everything will be OK.

Because sometimes things are far from OK.

Rather, a deep and powerful intuition that can be heard.
Heard with your heart.

There’s a note within. You can find it when you hum. When you sing. And when you hit this note, it sounds like someone is harmonising with you. It vibrates around the whole of your mouth, your cheeks, your nose. You can feel it vibrate through your teeth from the depths of your Soul.

When your breath, your wind and your spirit are in harmony, you’re singing with your Self.

There can be great strength to be found in Shradda. Great freedom to be found in faith.

Think inversions and brahmari breath (humming bee breath).

As I drove my old subaru to Burwood, I hummed the note that fills me with the sound of my soul.
I was shown all the bells and whistles of a new old car. Everything slides. Everything folds. Everything works. We talked about how much fun my kids would have with their own cup holders. And whether seat warmers would shorten the lifespan of a 4:3 wettie.

He offered me the service history. But I didn’t need to see it. Not only because I knew I wouldn’t understand it. But because I just knew I could trust this softly spoken man when he told me this was a safe reliable car for my smalls, my dogs and for me.

It was the note of his voice that seemed to resonate with mine.

I never thought buying a family car would make me feel so peaceful and so strong at the same time. I feel like I’m a grown up girl in a big girl’s car, bought from a kindred spirit with a sensitive voice.

Have faith in your song. It’s the voice of your soul. And when things might seem far from OK, sing your way to freedom.


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