Our wise little chook.

So, one of our feathered friends has been broody this week. With a quiet strength, she has had her fluffy bottom firmly planted in her nesting box. Keeping 6 little eggs warm. And unless there’s something she’s not telling us – she’s sitting on eggs that sadly for her will never hatch.

I’ve been told to spray her with a hose.

I’ve been told to push her off her nest and simply take the eggs.

But there’s a small voice that for some reason is telling this little hen that she could be a mother.

And yes, this is the same little lass who came off second best to a dog a few weeks ago.

Is it because she spent a week inside? Inside our house and inside herself? Healing. Watching. Being. Now seeing that her eggs have the potential for something more? Potential for life. Her inner voice stronger. Her natural mind brighter.

After 2 days of sitting on her eggs, our little girl left the nest. And while her sisters continue to scratch under the fruit trees, she simply sits outside our front door.


She knows these eggs will never hatch. And while she may be feeling her deepest sorrow, she silently nestles into her grief. And in time, with dignity, as she accepts, she will let go.


Think forward bends, inversions and antar mouna ( inner silence).

By fully releasing, we are not left with nothing. It actually allows for us to fully open to whatever comes to fill the space.

“May your blessings find you in your solitude.” Leonard Cohen 9:57 pm 7/12/2013.

She’s the wisest chook I know.


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