So, I woke kinda early on Friday.

Early mornings for me involve a 4 on the clock. To some this is obscene, but to me it’s a gift. One the early morning gives me – space. Time. Silently meeting the world before my world meets me. But when presented with such an early hour of wide awakedness, a sit can only take so long – so I rolled off the meditation cushion into a pair of trainers.

And went for a run.

The bluff was as still as I’d seen it. Balanced between that space beyond night, but not yet morning. The full moon behind me reflecting gold. The low clouds in front whispering pink. I had a pod of dolphins to my right and my loved ones drifting through their dreams to my left.

I ran, balanced between them all. A part of me in all that surrounded me – a part of what surrounded me within. I felt fully connected of the thick, sticky sweetness of Spring. Blessed and humbled, taking the beauty of the moment with me, I ran and I ran until I found myself home.
My loved ones, still slowly pulling themselves from the doonas and their dreams, entered the Grace of my morning.

In a blink, my eldest wise one lay winded on the carpet following my middle red’s school shoe wearing foot kicking her in the guts. My youngest lad proudly showed an empty face serum bottle – the expensive contents of which now lined his belly. The love of my my life, urinating on the shower floor through sleepy eyes as he waited for the hot water to kick in states – “Hey, we’re both home tonight. We can have sex.”

Yep – my world had come to greet me. Relentlessly.
A door slamming as my eldest sought revenge, my youngest lad dry retching $75 worth of facial product, my lover now weeing on his own leg as he stretched his arms overhead, proud of his preparatory foreplay.

And I took myself back to the stillness of the bluff. To my moon, my clouds, my dolphins and my loved ones asleep. Realising how easy they are to love when they are dreaming.

And kinda harder to love when their awake.

Think standing sequences, forward folds and antar mouna.

Dwelling in the beautiful space of balanced stillness in the natural world reminds us of the state of our natural mind. How open we can be. How curious we can be. How awake we can be.

And how breathtakingly stunning our life can be.

It can be found on a cushion as you sit, on a mat as you bend or during a run up the bluff at dawn – life’s continual gentle invitation to align our inner world with the outer world. To engage with the beauty that surrounds us. To remind us of that beauty that resides within.

And while my household imploded around me, I stood in the hallway surrounded by chaos and urine.

And I smiled – Radiantly.
Hopelessly in love with them all.


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