Big Things

So, I was 26 years old when I bought my first telly.

My lover, his bestie and I sharing a semi-detached brick terrace in Brunswick. Back before Brunswick was full of asymmetrical hair cuts and music venues. When you lived around the corner from your landlord -whose name was Giuseppe – to whom you paid your monthly rent to. In cash.

And he gave you broad beans and grappa for a receipt.

Our home had everything 20 somethings need. Furnished from hard rubbish, we had an outdoor toilet and a brick backyard . We lived on pasta and beer.

Life was simple.
Life was good.

But we had no telly.

Sick of hearing the lads pulling back on darts and banging on about the Footscray football club, I took matters into my own hands.
And went to JB hi-fi.

I bought the biggest, blackest telly I could find. When I got it home, the lads unpacked the beast and plugged it in.

I stepped back. And I cried.

In the shop full of screens, the telly didn’t look out of place. But in our tiny lounge furnished with milk crates – it was obscene. It was a monster.

It was simply too big.

The lads, so happy to have moving images rather than the stills of the sin-bin to look at, were glued to it. I on the other hand hid in my room. Refusing to watch the massive screen which tempted to suck me into it’s vast world. I moaned to anyone who would listen about the energy of my home being drawn into the right corner of the loungeroom. To where the big, black oblivion lay.

After a few days of resistance, I began to come out of my room. I began to sit in the lounge. I began to face the thing I bought. This new telly, complete with working remote and all was actually pretty cool. Ridge from The Bold and the Beautiful sounded even better in surround sound.

The TV was never too big.
I was simply too small.

Think inversions, balance and brahmari breath.

New things, big things are simply an invitation to change. Stepping up to something bigger than you think you are encourages you to step beyond the familiar. Beyond your comfort zone.

Into your vulnerability.
And into the unknown.

New things might feel big at first. Maybe even a bit scary. I have started to ask myself, would I like to be a big fish in a small pond? Or would I rather be a small fish in the big sea?

The journey of passion moves us forward to bigger things. And rather than freak out at the monstrosity of the size which is before us, thinking we’re not good enough or not ready – sit still. Face what is in front of you.

And when it feels right – dive in. Embracing what big things are in store for you.

Because when you dream big in your heart and live the truth from your soul – big things happen.

In surround sound.


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