So, I got home at 10:30 last night to find my lover and his besty pissed in the backyard.

Our neighbour was having a party over the fence. Cool hipsters doing their gen Y thing, while two 40 something year olds watched from afar. Like the judges from the muppets, making a running commentary on the choice of music, the dance moves of the crowd and the whole time looking whimsically over the fence. Trying to be good neighbourly and not complain about the noise – but looking oddly creepy with their drooling hungry “I wish I was 20 something eyes.”

My lover so wanted to jump the fence and head over. Buoyed by Peroni’s and red wine, he was wanting to boogie on to the playlist from Nova. He spoke of remembering a time when he could have jumped over and commanded that dancefloor. While his besty and I reminding him that now physically – he was probably unable to do do.

He grumbled inside to make 2 minute noodles. A consolation prize as a slither of reality hit.

“But I still feel like I’m 25.”

T’is summer solstice today.

Solstice means still. Our sun is at it’s highest point in our southern sky tonight. And it will hang there still for the next couple of days.

What this means for us is a whole lotta light, a whole lotta yang and a whole lot of masculine energy incentive to get out there and get amongst it. It’s about being tall and proud. Of stepping up and stepping out.

To show all the world the external brilliance that you have and that you are.

The internal 25 year old that can hold the dancefloor in his hand.

Monday is also this months new moon. Meaning the darkest night of the month – reflecting off the brightest day of the year.

What this means for us is new beginnings, new opportunities and a whole lot of incentive to look within to ensure that the brilliance we put out externally is a true reflection if the brilliance we have inside.

To remind us that the 25 year old that resides within can move gracefully through our 40 something year old lives.

Think balance, backbends and ritual.

Getting the mix right on our inner lives and our outer lives is the tricksy bit. It takes courage and humility to put the real you out there. The strongest parts of ourselves are often the most vulnerable. Yet when we surrender to the intelligent life force that surrounds us, we realise that what we put out to the world can really only be the deepest heart of what we are.

And of who we are.

My lover greeted the dawn of solstice with a sandpaper mouth and a head from hell. I woke and covered a fairy with giltter, made a wish and headed out for a wave.

Both acknowledging our inner workings and our outer worlds in our own way. And in the only we we can.

Happy Solstice.
Merry Christmas.


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