Immediately when you walk into any of Rache’s yoga spaces you are met with a graceful smile that recognises we are all human as she welcomes everyone whole-heartedly as they are. Her space is a space of unconditional love, truth, and development as she shares the wisdom of traditional practices by weaving them with humour and love into the fibres of our everyday lives. She has an extraordinary gift of inviting you on an epic journey in each and every class she guides you through. A journey, which with some psychic symmetry somehow ALWAYS parallels whatever human journey we, as students, happen to be on in our own worlds. She does this by connecting us all from our personal journeys to the community of people on their mats where we can find our own truth, guidance, support, or strength to meet the world anew after a class. She is a healer for those that don’t even know there is anything sore and a light giver for those that have no idea they can’t see in the dark. She is that refreshing hopeful light that everyone who is lucky enough to call her teacher feels the impact of for a long time after the class ends. – Aine Tyrell, Singer, Songwriter and Bus Driver.


‘Coming from a Physio background, Rachael melds a practice that draws from both Eastern and Western traditions, so you get the lengthening with plenty of strengthening and stabilizing, the spiritual with the everyday, the meditative space and the belly laugh…can’t recommend it highly enough!’  – Natasha, Physiotherapist. Mansfield.


Rachael has been writing a special blog for the readers of our local mag Talking Heads for some time now. Personal, sometimes painful, often happy and always insightful, it’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t have Rachael twisting our hearts, making us cry and always…making us smile. – Trish, Editor of Talking Heads mag, Barwon Heads


Rachael’s Yoga classes are a beautiful blend of Eastern Yoga practice and wisdom with a Western physical perspective. Rachael has taught me that the essence of Yoga is about strength and openness (both mindfully and physically). The personal stories Rachael shares at the start of every class are enlightening and inspiring and I always enjoy sharing them with my family when I come home from a yoga session. –  Wendy, early childhood educator.


Whether your path to yoga arises from a physical need, a desire to explore mental and emotional awareness and self-study, or you have a spiritual yearning, Rachael has a raw gift of connecting with people on so many levels. Rachael teaches with an intelligence, honesty and humour that is refreshing, uplifting and real. Her classes and workshops are inspiring, fun, playful, heart-felt and challenging, but what makes her even more special is that her teaching influence extends way beyond the structure of a class. As a person and a teacher, she radiates a warmth and sensitivity that welcomes you into her space. Her energy is both infectious and grounding, and her classes will leave you feeling physically and mentally lighter. She is a gem – let her rock your world! – Sally, Director of Athletic Development, at Brisbane Grammer


I feel challenged and supported in Rachel’s classes. Her in depth knowledge of mechanics of the human body and her wisdom regarding the human spirit is a perfect combination. Her teaching fosters growth in physical and psychological flexibility. –  Elise. Social Worker, Barwon Health


‘Rachel’s classes are a fabulous blend of East Meets West, Yoga with a physiotherapist’s spin, using her vast experience to help you tweak a pose to get the most out of it, always focussed on keeping it safe, fun and about the internal experience.  – Mike, Paediatrician, Geelong


For me (middle aged surfer Dad with toe-touching issues) Rache’s class(es) are the ideal blend of yoga for mind and body. She keeps it interesting and personal, engages the spirit and the sinews and, although I may go in a little weary and with trepidation, always come out energised and chilled.Her knowledge of both anatomy and the principles of yoga are deep so the understanding when taking our class through positions and moves are, I believe unrivalled.” – Chris, ED consultant. Geelong


“I’d been regularly attending yoga weekly for about 15 years before I tried Rachael’s class. Some classes worked, some felt too disciplined, too much like hard work, not hard enough, too air fairy. Rache’s yoga is “just right”. The right combination of strength, mindfulness, discipline, humour and rainbows to help provide that much needed balance back to my mind, body and soul and to my week. I love it!” Bianca, GP specializing in adolescent health


I have practised yoga for over 20 years and attended Rachael’s classes and workshops for over 5 years.

What I love about her classes is their blend of the playful with the challenge to keep looking at yoga- at life – with a fresh and interested mind. There is plenty of opportunity for a newcomer as well as an experienced practitioner, to learn. Classes are fun, as well as challenging, and their underpinning is Rachael’s passion, knowledge and love of yoga. Jenny, secondary school teacher, barwon heads


Rachel has bought a balance to my life that I never knew existed. Her Eastern spiritual philosophy vs Western anatomy / physiology knowledge and how that translates to our bodies on the mat is unlike any yoga instructor I have ever experienced. She truly is a rare Earth Angel! –  Sally-Anne, Ocean Grove